Little Star Nursery

Both our nursery at Farrington Gurney and our dedicated baby & toddler suite at Elm Hayes Surgery, Paulton offer a safe environment where children can explore, experiment, plan and make decisions for themselves. We encourage your child’s development and stimulate their creativity, in a structured environment, through purposeful play and activities inspired by the children’s interests and passions.

Our Pedagogy is based on a belief that effective learning stems from trusting relationships, nurturing self – worth and self- belief. We strive to enable children to become active learners, to be resilient and acquire positive dispositions to become self – resilient and independent.


Our pedagogy is a relational and ethical stance, in which we all play a part (adults and children) in order to guide, support and love each other and the world in which we live.


We are all single, individual stars who only by learning how to shine together can create a galaxy.