Little Star Nursery

Healthy Lives, healthy minds

We are committed to giving all children the best start in life and this includes creating healthy bodies and minds. We have gained the Healthy Early Years certificate as awarded by the Department of Public Health Award which ensures:

  • Nutritious home cooked meals are prepared on site for lunch and tea. These follow all national guidelines for a healthy and balanced diet. It caters for all dietary requirements and provides the children with choices to aid their independence and each personal preference.
  • Meal times are planned to be interactive and stimulating, promoting independence and choice, whilst encouraging social interaction for all.
  • All staff members hold level 2 food safety
  • Children learn about how food is produced and prepared by growing our own produce as well as enjoying a wide range of cookery experiences
  • Children have their own water bottles, available at all times throughout the day.
  • Provide an indoor and outdoor environment and routines that promote physical activity.
  • Have a large garden that encourages many different types of gross motor movements.
  • We offer Nature School sessions to all children in the setting (see separate page)

We share our cookery experiences by sending home recipes and cookery bags. Here are some of our favourites that you can try at home with your children:

Banana Pudding

Baking bread

Making Chapatis

Fairy cakes recipe

Below are policies and procedures relating to our commitment to keeping healthy:

Health and Safety 2014


Below are information leaflets and other sources of information you may find useful in keeping your children healthy:

How to keep your children safe in the sun: Looking_After_Children_Heat_PHE_AC_AB_Publications_MP_JRM_FINAL

Infection control:  Guidance_on_infection_control_in_schools_11_Sept