Little Star Nursery

We have had a very active week!

Our story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ is coming to life as we’re perfecting the actions. We’ve also been looking at how we can add text to our own story maps, as well as being creative in using different methods of painting our large scale wall display: exploring colour mixing and using a variety of strokes and resources.

We have also been growing our own broad beans in jars and again practising some great mark making in making our own number lines to measure how tall they grow. The children have taken them home with a record sheet for them to complete weekly with the promise of a prize for the bean that grows the tallest. (A special prize for anyone who manages to grow an enormous turnip at home!)

Children have been getting even more active as they completed a musical journey around the world….dancing the ‘Mexican Bean Bag song’ in South America; ‘Frere Jaques’ in France and a version of ‘Monkeys jumping on the bed’ that might be new to you. Why don’t you share it at home….it’s fab!:

As well as journeying around this World, the children have been learning about space and other planets: watching a video that looked at they have been formed and creating the surface of the moon themselves…building some space probes in the process. They then carried on the theme around the garden with an alien hunt!

The letter of the week has been ‘O’ so there has been some juicy printing going on using oranges, where the children followed their own ideas in using the juice from the oranges as a medium for making some watery effects.  Why not try some fruit painting at home and show us the results?

In NATURE SCHOOL the shooting Stars have been exploring ‘Hollow Marsh’ meadow at the end of the lane. We found wild mint growing in the stream as well as some bugs and insects. A rope swing was a challenge for some but once mastered great fun! And a walk delving through the woodland brought with it its own challenges of scaling fallen trees.